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The in-demand DJ Xten, has made quite a name for himself over the last four years. All this, he said, comes naturally because of his love for music. "This is just me. What you hear at the festivals, it’s just me. “Mi love mi music," he said.

Dj Xten, born Dajue McKenzie, has several credits to his name. Xten was placed third in an all-island dj competition in Jamaica called Pull-Dj Competition. A young act spawned into the festivals of Jamaica and the United States, has already enjoy a strong fan base and have won over audiences at numerous high-profile events and festivals such as Texas Blues Festival, Portland Carnival, Portland Jerk Festival and Father’s Day Festival in Niagara Falls, NY.

Music piqued Xten's interest while he was attending University of Technology in Kingston, Jamaica. With popular entertainment events at his disposal, he would experiment with all 

genres of music. He became so good; he started playing at events on campus every weekend. Xten said this was a key stage of his development, as the demographic of the patrons ensured he was exposed to all musical genres. “You have a lot of students from all over the world who are regular patrons at the events, so you can't just go there and play reggae, you have to be able to cater to your audience which in this case although appreciated authentic Jamaican music, still wanted familiarity through hip hop, R&B, alternative pop and Soca" he pointed out.

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