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Who We Are

Maximumtainment (“Maximum”) is an integrated entertainment agency, principally engaged in the conceptualisation, production and marketing of live entertainment and cultural events. Our entertainment marketing practice designs and implements consumer marketing campaigns that builds connections between brands and consumers through entertainment and lifestyle influences. Maximum is the entertainment agency for innovative advertisers interested in maximizing their brand message through entertainment.

We link business with popular culture through the development, marketing and production of consumer-focused entertainment events, music marketing activities, concert tours and brand building initiatives. Maximum provides an unsurpassed, one-stop for entertainers and corporate marketers, providing consumers with exciting, diverse and high quality entertainment. Maximum creates and facilitates passionate relationships between brands and target audiences through the medium of live by developing highly interactive marketing platforms.

We believe in providing superior value to customers through high quality, technologically advanced, fairly priced services designed to meet customer needs better than all the possible alternatives. We are dedicated to helping advertisers and sponsors successfully utilize various live entertainment and media platforms to reach their customers and so help maximize the value and impact of their promotional products.

Maximumtainment embraces an exciting new generation of positive empowerment, providing value-add participation firmly based on technical and practical business principles. The ownership and management of Maximum comprises an industrious and ambitious entrepreneur with valuable business acumen and a strong passion for the industry.

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Why Us?

Maximumtainment believes event sponsorship marketing to be a wonderful way for companies to gain visibility and reach both customers and prospects directly. It is becoming a popular ingredient in the marketing mix and is increasing being used by companies to increase sales, target specific markets, facilitate customer loyalty and enhanced brand / image. Unlike most advertising, event sponsorship marketing offers an exciting opportunity for companies to do product sampling, entertain clients, motivate employees, and gain access to a live audience. Few other marketing tools give marketers the opportunity to combine all elements in the marketing mix and invite the consumer to experience the brand.

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